Fresh Graduate Copy Editor - Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Copy Editor
Excellent command of both written and spoken English.
Full Time
1. Proofreading the logo of the journal, volume and issue numbers, the title of the paper, the name of the authors, their addresses, and dates of receipt and revision. 2. Checking the correctness of grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and style conformity. 3. Proofreading figures and tables against the original manuscripts. 4. Reviewing author biographies, covers, blue prints, call for papers, and flyers. 5. Performing other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
Bachelor’s degree preferably Alsun/Arts (English Major). 
0 Years.
1) Good computer skills. 2) Accurate, well organized, and attentive to detail.
Please write (AmCham/CE) in the subject line of your email,otherwise your CV will be neglected.
Mai Fayez


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