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smart card
Job Title
Telesales agent
Job Type
Full Time
As a telesales operator, you'll be working in a business contacting potential customers by telephone. Your job is to try and persuade them to buy your company's goods and services, or at least accept a trial. You may also carry out market research.
Your working day is spent on the phone making outgoing calls based on a script. During each phone call, you're likely to:
Describe the product benefits and any special offers.
Give advice about how these may benefit customers personally.
Persuade customers to accept a trial period or a visit from a sales representative.
Gather and document information about the customer.
Enter your notes into a computer, including dates for follow up calls.
Take orders and arrange for delivery and bills to be sent.
The work is fast paced and intense, and you have only a short amount of time to build rapport with customers and explain the features and benefits of the product.
One or two years of experience in Telesales field
ability to deal with customers on phone
Cooperative and adaptable to change
Flexibility, adaptability, and reliability
Must be able to work independently and produce high quality work
2 YEARS in Telesales field.
negotiable + bonus
Job Contact Mobile: 010855399 -012249006
Job Contact person
Amira Orabi
Job Contact Email


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